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Office Moving

Office Moving Guide (2024)

Office Moving Made Easy: Step-by-Step Guide & Checklist

Office Moving can be as stressful as moving homes. There’s bulky furniture, delicate electronics, and tons of supplies to transport – and often not a lot of time to spare! Whether you’re moving across town or out of state, office relocation takes serious planning. Follow this guide from Business Moving Group to simplify your move and ensure a seamless move.

Getting Started: 6 Months Before Your Move

  • Lease Review: Check those terms! If breaking your lease early, are there penalties or repairs you’re responsible for?
  • Build Your Team: Designate a move manager and a team to handle the logistics. This could involve employees from various departments for smooth coordination.
  • Decommissioning Plan: Go beyond basic cleaning! Understand your lease’s restoration requirements to avoid losing your deposit.
  • Budgeting: Get a ballpark idea of costs early. Decide on must-haves and areas you can scale back to save.
  • Insurance Coverage: Most movers offer basic protection. Consider full-value coverage or third-party insurance, especially for valuable electronics.
  • Research Movers: Focus on companies specializing in commercial relocation like Business Moving Group. Check reviews, accreditations, and get multiple quotes.
  • Master To-Do List: Use a shared online document (like a Google Doc) to centralize planning and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Announce the Move: Let your employees know early, outlining the new address, key dates, and the exciting benefits of your new space!

Getting Organized: 3-4 Months Out

  • Secure Your Move Date: Book early with a reputable mover. At Business Moving Group, we understand time is of the essence for businesses.
  • Finalize Your Plan: Solidify moving dates and details with your team. When do utilities get disconnected? When do desks need to be cleared?
  • Notify Everyone: Update your website, clients, vendors, partners, and anyone you do business with about your new address.
  • Measure & Downsize: Make sure large items fit in your new space. If not, it’s time to downsize!
  • Specialized Equipment: Is extra help needed for heavy machinery or sensitive items? Business Moving Group offers specialized handling options.
  • Vendor Planning: Need interior design, landscaping, enhanced cleaning? Hire services early, as they book up fast.

One Month Before the Move

  • Floor Plan Time: Map out furniture, tech placement, and common areas in your new office to avoid move-day chaos.
  • Utilities & Services: Schedule internet, phone, water, etc. at the new office. Coordinate the disconnect at your old location.
  • Packing Supplies: Time to stock up! Consider free boxes and packing materials to save money.
  • New Furniture/Equipment: Order any needed items well in advance to avoid delays.
  • IT Plan: How will computers be moved? Will you do it in-house or outsource? Business Moving Group can assist with IT relocation too.
  • Labeling System: Create a company-wide system (colors, numbers) to keep boxes organized.

The Final Weeks and Moving Day

  • Pack Non-Essentials: Start clearing out items you won’t need before moving day.
  • Address Updates: Order new letterheads, business cards, etc. with your new address.
  • Prepare the Team: Remind employees about deadlines for packing their desks and workspace requirements at the new office.
  • Moving Day Coordination: Confirm times with your movers, arrange for on-site supervision, and ensure building rules are understood.

Bonus: Download your free Office Decommissioning Checklist by clicking the BMG button today! 

The New Office Celebration

You did it! After the move, take time to settle in, unpack, and troubleshoot any tech issues. Celebrate the new space with a party for your team – a great way to thank them for their hard work and welcome a new chapter for your business!

Need expert help? Visit Business Moving Group at Business Moving Group or call (949) 866-4505 for a seamless office relocation experience.

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