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Business Moving Guide With Checklist (2024) | Business Moving Group

Your Guide to a Successful Business Move

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide outlining every step of the business moving process, from initial planning to settling into your new space. We’ve also included a downloadable checklist to keep you organized and on track throughout the process. Download your checklist today and let’s transform your relocation into a springboard for growth!

1. Know Your Reasons for Business Moving

Before setting the move in motion, carefully consider why Business Moving makes sense. Are you expanding and need more space? Could you save on rent in a different area? Some factors to weigh in:

  • Business growth potential
  • Access to new markets or talent pools
  • Cost savings (rent, taxes)
  • Employee satisfaction and commute times
  • Improved quality of life for you and your staff

2. Choose a New Location for Your Business

Your new location should align with your business goals and employee needs. Consider:

  • Accessibility for clients and staff
  • Parking availability
  • Proximity to essential services
  • ADA compliance for employees and customers
  • Option for flexible lease terms (especially in uncertain times)

3. Double-check the Cost of Moving

Moving costs vary based on office size, distance, and services needed. Here’s a general idea:

  • Local Move: $2 – $4 per square foot
  • Long-Distance Move: $4 – $7 per square foot
  • Additional costs: Packing, special equipment, storage

Pro Tip: Get detailed quotes from multiple moving companies early in the planning stage to compare services and prices.

4. Agencies To Contact Before Your Move

Notifying these agencies ensures smooth operations in your new location:

  • Federal:
    • IRS (Form 8822): Update your official business address
  • State and Local:
    • Secretary of State: Update business formation documents
    • Department of Revenue: Update sales/income tax information
    • City/County Licensing: Update permits
    • Bank: Open new accounts if needed
    • DBA Registration: Apply for/withdraw as needed

5. Complete Necessary Tasks Before You Relocate Your Business

  • Inform Employees: Clear timelines and open communication are key.
  • Update Customers: Website, social media, Google Maps, etc.
  • Order New Marketing Materials: Reflect your new address
  • Set Up Utilities: Ensure internet and phones are ready to go
  • Schedule the Move: Minimize disruption with off-hours relocation

Bonus: Download your free Office Decommissioning Checklist by clicking the BMG button today! 

Additional Tips for a Smooth Business Move

  • Consider Professional Movers: They streamline logistics and reduce stress.
  • Address Employee Concerns: Offer Business Moving support, if possible, to make the move easier for your team.
  • Go Beyond the Boxes: Research the new area’s zoning regulations,
     neighborhood character, and amenities to make sure it aligns with your business needs.


Relocating your small business is a strategic decision requiring planning and careful execution. By following this guide and partnering with experts like Business Moving Group, you can make the business move a success. Let’s make your new office space a catalyst for growth.

Ready to Simplify Your Business Move? Contact Business Moving Group today for a free consultation!


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