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Office Decommissioning

Office Decommissioning Made Easy: A Guide & Liquidation Tips

Office Decommissioning Guide: Steps to Follow & Liquidation Tips

Relocating your business? While exciting, it also involves the careful process of office decommissioning. This guide will walk you through the steps and offer advice on how to minimize hassle and liquidate leftover assets.

Understanding Your Lease & Decommissioning Responsibilities

Your lease agreement outlines the decommissioning requirements – the condition in which you must leave the office. Commonly, this includes:

  • Removal of any data/voice cabling you installed
  • Removal of non-original fixtures, furniture, and equipment (FFE)
  • Thorough cleaning of all areas
  • Repairs to restore the space to its original condition
  • Removal of signage, e-waste, and other waste materials

Meet with your property manager to verify the exact terms and create a timeline to avoid costly penalties.

Liquidating Office Furniture and Equipment

If you’re downsizing or upgrading, you’ll need to liquidate unused assets. Business Moving Group can streamline this process:

  • Inventory and Assessment: We help you identify what stays and what goes, optimizing value recovery.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Prioritizing environmentally conscious options, we facilitate sales, donations, and responsible recycling.
  • Efficient Execution: Our team handles every detail, from disassembly to removal, maximizing your time savings.

Simplifying Your Office Decommissioning

At Business Moving Group, we understand the complexities of office relocation. Our decommissioning services ensure a smooth process:

  • Pre-Move Documentation: Photos of the original space simplify restoration efforts.
  • Contractor Coordination: We’ll manage schedules and building communication on your behalf.
  • Final Walkthrough Assistance: Our expertise helps ensure your lease obligations are fully met.

Let Business Moving Group manage your office decommissioning, saving you time, stress, and potential unexpected costs. Contact us today for a consultation. (949) 866-4505

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